When a man ejaculates in a womans vagina, then proceeds to take a dump in her vagina after, followed up by eating the girl out.
Last night was so great! Johnny totally boston cream pied me!
boston cream pie cum cleveland steamer
by Psychoepidemic October 10, 2010
when a man poops on a girls stomach, then splooges on the mound of poop.
dude #1 - Hey did you give your girl a cleavland steam roller last night?
dude #2 - nah man, i gave her this new shit called the boston cream pie!
by M. Landro, E. Forth, King, Diz April 11, 2009
The Boston Creampie occurs when, seconds prior to ejaculation, one removes the phallus and ejaculates onto the abdomen of another. One must then urinate onto the abdomen and/or upper torso of said ejaculate catcher in the shape of the letter "B". This is only worthwhile if the receiver is a fan of the New York Yankees Baseball club.
That cumdumpster I fucked last night told me she is a Yankees fan, so I gave her the Boston Creampie to show her the error of her ways.
by Joseph Edward December 09, 2007
(Also known as Boston Cream Cake and Banana Cream Pie) Boston Cream Pie is a phrase meant for declaring that you have been interrupted while telling a story. The relation between the food and the situation (although weak) is that someone was being interrupted by someone who wanted to talk about pie all the time.
"So anyways, I was went up to her and I-"
"Dude, hold on I need to take this call."

"And then I went back to my room so I could-"
"Would you like a refill of your Sprite sir?"

"Hey, wanna hear something funny?"
"I'm hungry, I'm gonna go grab some food."
"......I guess not..."

These are the situations in which the person interrupted should say:
"Boston Cream Pie"
by Scot Taylor January 24, 2008

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