A city located in Massachusetts. Only people who live in Boston think that it is better than NYC, when in reality, everyone knows that it doesn't even compare. Boston looks very colonial, and everyone from Boston thinks that they're amazing just because they have good sport teams (and that's all they have, by the way. Oh wait, I forgot about the Boston Tea Party..Woopty Doo.) I don't live in New York OR Massachusetts, but I've been to both plenty of times to know that Massachusetts does not compare to New York. Don't complain that Massachusetts is "Taxachusetts" just because the taxes are high, because New York is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. And don't brag about the Patriots, because they lost to the New York Giants in Superbowl # 42. But I can tell you one thing, Cape Cod is very nice. Boston however, is rather boring during the day..but fun at night! Everyone in Boston is proud to be Irish, I don't know why they're so god damn proud when most Irish people have the qualities of a ginger..(Freckles, light skin.) Therefore, most people from Boston are proud to have the symptoms of gingervitis I suppose! However, Boston people have hot accents.
Pahk the cah in Havad Yad in Boston.
by Karin White February 18, 2009
A twn in Lincolnshire, England. It is paired with Boston, America. We have random saying and we talk in weird ways. For example - Computer - Copoota
The Boston in America is named after this one in England ( i think)
Boston is a terrbible place.
by Carl Jennigs October 04, 2006
Bean Town. The largest city in Massachusttes and New England with just under 600,000 residents in the city proper and some 5 million in the metro area. It is one of America's oldest cities and the place of the Boston Tea Party, some battes of the Revolutionary War, the ride of Paul Revere and the Salem witch trials of the 1700s. .Boston today is a major center in education, culture, commerce and healthcare. Has the most number of universties in the U.S. per-capita (perhaps that’s why Boston is so damb liberal and politically correct).

Culture: The people suck and are the epitome of rudeness. The F-word is a commonly uttered and not considered offensive or vulgar. They think they are superior to everyone including New Yorkers. They make fun of Midwesterners and Southerners by calling them hicks and hillbillies. Everyone's drunk & Irish in the city and rich and Jewish in the burbs. They cant drive. The roads are awful and meander every which way—it is VERY easy to get lost navigating in this urban hell. The cost of living is ridiculous and they cant even pronounce their Rs. Boston, not surpsingly, has the worst sports fans in of any city, especially in football where idiotic Pats fans think they have to win every game and have the audacity to throw snowballs at refs and prove to be sore winners AND sore losers in every game. When the Pats play indoor teams, they use the excuse of “created crowd noise ” even when they win—whatta bunch of crybabies. And Tom Brady is the biggest shmuck in football. He is, no doubt, a good player but is the most arrogant douchebag. No wonder this city is addicted to the Democrat party. Does the Kennedys ring a bell?
I hate Boston and everything about it.
by krock1dk December 24, 2007
Boston is a city in a freezing cold part of America which no one give's a rat's ass about anymore. Bitter at being the younger, retarded cousin of New York, Bostonians are incredible bitches at every possible interval. The fans of their sports teams are the most obnoxious in the world (see Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics ... hell, even the Revolution), and when these teams come to town, fans of other teams groan - not because they hate the team, because they'll be heckled by douchebag fans.
Person #1: Why is Jack such a douchebag?
Person #2 (in response): He's from Boston.
by Nubcakes Smith December 14, 2007
worst city ever. full of scummy red sox fans who have no respect for anyone outside their city and for those who dont like the red sox or patriots (both awful teams). their accent is annoying as hell and girls dont find it sexy at all, girls with boston accents are repulsive. only nice part of the city is the historical district everywhere else is full of bums or scum..aka bostonians. Yankees rule. red sox suck. NYC > Boston.
The city of Boston will hopefully sink below sea level and take its godawful accent with it.
by CMJAAC September 13, 2006
A place outside lincoln, mainly filled with inbreds with 6 fingers on each hand if not more. Inferior to their neighbours Lincoln in everything including football!
Lmao he has 6 fingers! He must come from Boston, poor lad.
by Joe barrel February 07, 2007
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