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A city with a bunch of punk-ass sports teams.
Boston Celtics

Boston Red Sox

New England Patriots

Boston College

Boston Bruins
by Mikline June 18, 2008
most people from the boston area dont have accents... most of the accents can be found in a few of the tacky towns surrounding boston. but ive lived here my whole life and 97 percent of the people you meet wont have it. so let it go.
"jesus christ, boston people pronounce their r's better than you can. i'm so sick of this "i pahked the cah" $hit."
by K Duggs June 26, 2006
boston is the best damn city ever.almost nobody says r's like ahhs except for westy and southy. and maybe the north end. anyways, noone rides the swanboats or duck tours unless they're taking people from out o' town. red sox are the best. but they're tied with the pats. noone likes the celtics since the 80s and the bruins are nothing since bobby orr left. the burbs are comprised o' jews. dot and roxie are ghetto. oh and it's freakin freezin. it's august and it was 50 last night
by boston lover August 29, 2006
The first city in America to voluntarily forfeit in the War On Terror©. On January 31, 2007, Boston was essentially taken over by a collection of Lite Brites, resulting in a city-wide lockdown and mass irrational chaos. By letting terrorists worldwide know that they no longer have to actually build any bombs in order to create panic, fear and paranoia, Boston has aided and abetted terrorism and is therefore an enemy of the American Armed Forces. Invasion is pending.
Take a lite brite, snap on some wires and a battery, and take down Boston (and America).
by ne8il February 01, 2007
An oversized town that desperately wants to be New York City.

Person 1: I hate it how Boston closes at 10pm.

Person 2: Yea. Let's down some bea's and drive to the city. We'll get there in 4 hours.

Person 1: Just in time for happy hour.
by Berklee student October 28, 2009
To lose despite a substantial chance of winning; to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Usually used in reference to sports.
Man, I can't believe the Pats bostoned that game!
by Spyder1jcd February 03, 2008
An overreaction to an obviously harmless situation. Refers to Boston police blowing up "suspicious" Lite Brites and traffic counting devices.
I left my iPod on the subway and the cops went all Boston. They shut the whole line down and blew it up.
by RayNC February 28, 2007