Probably one of the best cities in america. has a great combo of many races so not many people feel out of place. you got italians, irish, black south american and asian and more. most people that grew up here dont pronounce our R's. contrary to some of these people, some of us DO call it the bean or bean town.
"beantown is wicked pissah"
"ya i love boston"
by Tony B baby March 03, 2010
Town in South Lincolnshire, England. The larger, and more illustrious, American version took its name from this small market town.

Home to England's tallest parish church, 'the stump'
A: Where are you from
B: Boston
A: you don't sound American
by Tortious Dude June 05, 2005
The best city ever. Capital of massachusetts. Home of famous chowder, red sox( best MLB team eva) patriots( ditto but in NFL) swan boats, celtics, duck tours, and many revolutionary events such as the Boston massacre. Being a dot rat myself I have to say that I have never heard a person speak with a Boston accent. Also Boston is WAY better than NYC because the people r nicer and don't try to run u over with s taxi when u go to cross the street at a red lite..... Except if u try to cross when it's a green light... Yeah that tends to piss people off s lot..... So to conclude Boston is the best place to live ever!
I can't wait to go see the boston red sox.

Lets hit up those wicked Boston nightclubs on lands down street!
by Dotratbaby February 04, 2011
The largest city and capital of Massachusetts. It is also the biggest metropolis in New England. One of America's oldest major cities, Boston is nicknamed "The Hub of the Universe".
Boston is popular for beer (more specifically Samuel Adams), the world-famous accent, Cheers, the all-black 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (Civil War), Dennis Leary, the 2004 World Series Champions: The Boston Red Sox, and the popular 1970s-2000s arena rock band of the same name: Boston.
Boston would be a perfect city if it wasn't so liberal.
by Republican Warrior May 25, 2005
verb - to sneak around behind the back of and leave behind an annoying person who is attempting to include themselves in a group. the person being left behind typically is clingy and clueless. it is important to note that the person being bostoned is assumed to be unaware of both the group's decision and the actual abandonment.
i think she has been bostoning me all week to go mooch weed and then now she shows up expecting me to buy vodka.

maybe we wouldn't have to boston him if he would stop using those cheesy pickup lines on the girls.
by jeereemee February 20, 2011
the city that sleeps
man, wanna check out the boston scene tonight?

nah, man, its past midnight. everything's shut down.
by DannyH February 22, 2007
Very Good. Super. From Adidas Boston Super trainers.
Marcus: So do you like my new car then?
Fritz: Yeah man, it's Boston
by thats a negatory June 10, 2005
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