place. Fine American city with tendency to worship bearded champs who take pride in doing their best. Peopled by gracious folk who cheer lustily and don't engage in ceremonial destructive riots. Also one of the birthplaces of freedom. Home of many museums, rock quarries and displays honouring the displaced native americans.

See the game?

You bet! Boston Rules!


Sensibly of course.

Of Course!!!
by gnostic 1 November 02, 2013
Ohhh boston your my home! Home of the AMAZING Red Sox!! And the Pats dy-naassssstyy... & the Celts....this is one sick city.
Hmm, what should i do today? Well im in boston so i can go to Newbury Street, Fenway and maybe go to Faneuil Hall? wow i love boston.
by Katie222 June 08, 2005
1. A congregation of unattractive people;
2. A justifiable inferiority complex.
3. An attempt to use historical significance to excuse current shortcomings.
1. No way I'm trying to get laid in that bah, it's like Boston in there.
2. -Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, I'm just as good as anybody else. -Nah, sorry, bro, you got a bona fide Boston complex: you really do suck.
3. I don't know why nobody acts like I'm the shit anymore, I was a star high school quarterback in the 1700s.
by Qfkl September 17, 2013
The best fuckin city ever
Man, I love Boston, it's the best fuckin place ever!
by The phantom of the opera December 04, 2013
A much nicer city than NYC.

If you don't like the Red Sox, don't bother coming here, because you're just gonna get your ass kicked.

Water fountains are bubblers, but everyone calls them bubblahs. Turn signals are blinkers, but everyone calls them blinkahs.

We honk at the person in front of us for going to slow when they're going 70 mph, and we enjoy cutting people off because we are better than everyone. Make sure you flip us the bird, we actually get disappointed when you don't. Massholes and proud, bitch.

Our accent is considered annoying, but at least we can say coffee without pronouncing it 'cwoffee'. Don't try imitating it, because you can't do it right unless you're born here.
'Wicked' is an essential part of our vocabulary, usually accompanied by an adjective. We don't say 'fookin', you dumbasses, we say 'fuckin'. R is not a member of the alphabet as far as we are concerned.

In the city, there are some wicked cool hobos that will sometimes follow you for five blocks if you don't give them your money, try it sometime!
Go pahk the cah at Bawston Gahdens for the wicked cool concert!

Go park the car at Boston Gardens for the very cool concert.

Hmm, which one sounds more 'elitist' to you?! Hah!
by A-Fraud and Derek Cheater January 30, 2010
The greatest city in the world, capital of Massachusetts (the greatest state in America). Nobody here talks like you think we do. If you "pahk in hahvid yahd" you will get towed. Its the T not the subway. Its Dunkies not Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks is completely foreign to us here. Nobody but tourists go on Duck Tours or the Swan Boats. Our sports are better than yours, sorry. When on 93, or 128 or the pike you don't go 65 you go 85. If people are still passing you at 85 you go faster until they stop passing you but not too fast where you're the asshole in a rush.
"Hey Joey I'm going to Boston!"
"Good Luck!"
by Tfletch77 August 21, 2014
1. City in Massachusetts
2. The name of a very un-awesome person.
"look that person must be named boston because he's definitely NOT awesome in any way, shape or form"
by jht890 April 07, 2012

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