the capital of Mass, and a bunch of other states in New England because they are too lazy to get there own sports teams.


all speak in Boston accents (most of us do when we're pissed though).
say pissah, i have never met nor will i ever say or meet anyone that says pissah.
all forget out R's.
call milkshakes 'frappes', no they are not the same thing.
know where the hell the pub Cheers is.
go on duck boats.
say fookin' .
all sound like were Jewish.
call it bean town.

Have an irrational need for a Dunkin Doughnuts or CVS within a 10 mile radius of our home.
Say wicked in almost every 5 minutes of conversation.
Love our speeding tickets.
Love the celts, bruins, sox, and pats (patriots).
Have atleast 3 deadly wepons in our houses.
Say mayan (pronced by out-of-towners 'mine') but only if your really bostonion.
Love Cape Cod (but we all call it the Cape).
Know that mike's pastry's in the north end is for tourists.
Have ridden the T at some point in there life.
Tourist: Can i paaaaaahk the kaaaaaaarh in harvaddddd yaaaahd?
Bostonian: fuck off.

the pats are wicked awsome this year!

Bob: Can i borrow that?
John: No, its mayan.
Bob: Selfish, much?
by bahst'n December 07, 2010
What the rest of the free world calls Massachusetts.
Others: "This is our friend Jim."
Others: "Hi Jim!"
Jim: "Hey"
Others: "Hey Jim, I heard you're from Boston!"
Jim: "Well, I'm from Massachusetts"
Others: "Is that near Boston?"
by supraturtletoo December 01, 2007
A wicked rock band! With classic songs such as 'More than a feeling'.
♫ I closed my eyes and she slipped away, she slipped awaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! ♫
by Setaoc May 29, 2005
The greatest, most historical, diverse, and closely knit city of all time. We flip each other off for going 75 because that's too slow for us. We have survived the dark ages of Brady's ponytail. The Bostonian alphabet only contains 25 lettas becahz fuck ahz we don't use em' in this heavenly place. Everybody here "knows Matt Damon" or knows an infinite amount of guys who do. We are so Irish that we dye the Chahls (Cha-ulz) green on St.Patty's day, our favorite holiday, period. The Sox, Bruins, Pats and Celtics bring us to cheers and tears and New York is our sworn enemy. FUCK THE YANKEES!(AND NEW YORK!) We've got wicked smaht college students all over. Colleges are our way of giving directions to people. We are the most proud of our community and are among the strongest of communities. We battled the after effects of the marathon tragedy with the help of 2 college students starting OneFund and widespread community support. Boston is plainly amazing and if you say us bostonians are so rude go fuck yourself you don't get us. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go get some Dunky's.
Boston is 100% perfect.
by IrishGodLovingBostonian October 14, 2014
An American rock band from Boston, whose lead singer Brad Delp comitted suicide March 9th in 2007. Best known for their song 'More Than a Feeling', which was 'copied' by Kurt Cobain for the Nirvana song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' as Cobain has stated.
"Do you know Boston?"

"The City?"
"No, the band."
"More Than a Feeling?"
by PiggyStardust January 09, 2015
place. Fine American city with tendency to worship bearded champs who take pride in doing their best. Peopled by gracious folk who cheer lustily and don't engage in ceremonial destructive riots. Also one of the birthplaces of freedom. Home of many museums, rock quarries and displays honouring the displaced native americans.

See the game?

You bet! Boston Rules!


Sensibly of course.

Of Course!!!
by gnostic 1 November 02, 2013
1. A congregation of unattractive people;
2. A justifiable inferiority complex.
3. An attempt to use historical significance to excuse current shortcomings.
1. No way I'm trying to get laid in that bah, it's like Boston in there.
2. -Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, I'm just as good as anybody else. -Nah, sorry, bro, you got a bona fide Boston complex: you really do suck.
3. I don't know why nobody acts like I'm the shit anymore, I was a star high school quarterback in the 1700s.
by Qfkl September 17, 2013

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