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Boston to most peopl,being those who arent locals, is the capital of massachuesetts and is a sports city with a crazy local accent and an underground mob, thanks to the movie departed
But to locals such as myself is a big fat shithole that we all love and are proud to live in, an average night for locals doesnt involve going to fanueil or a sox game, it involves a night at the local bars watchin the game and talkin it up with the local skanks
most people here dont have very heavy accents like leonardo dicaprio in the movie and we dont call it beantown, we dont "pahk tha Cah in hahvad yahd" mainly because you cant possible and our accents arent that bad, to us if you move here from the "boonies" or the suburban area, you dont belong here so dont fake an accent and it may seem great to live in a place full of culture and bars, really it isnt that good, dont get us wrong though we fucken love our city! furthermore people who ride the duck boats,get a decent parkin space in the winter,and go to the "package store" for liqour arent locals
oh and one more thing, if you come here in the winter lookin for a parkin space and move someones place holder then dont surprised if your tires get slashed or your face punched
another word of advice if your not a local dont visit dorchester,roxbury,or mattapan
a local bostonians vocabulary consists of the folling: "packie"- liqour store
"pisser"- or pissa,cool,awesome
"wicked"- really or very
"smokes"- ciggarettes
"bud"- budweiser
by theoriginalcheesecake July 10, 2008
A wicked rock band! With classic songs such as 'More than a feeling'.
♫ I closed my eyes and she slipped away, she slipped awaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! ♫
by Setaoc May 29, 2005
What the rest of the free world calls Massachusetts.
Others: "This is our friend Jim."
Others: "Hi Jim!"
Jim: "Hey"
Others: "Hey Jim, I heard you're from Boston!"
Jim: "Well, I'm from Massachusetts"
Others: "Is that near Boston?"
by supraturtletoo December 01, 2007
The BEST city in the world. No question. We say wicked, everyone's Irish, and we've got an attitude.

Things that will get your ass kicked:
• Calling it Beantown.
• Talking about the Yankees without the word "hate" in the same sentence.
• Walking too slow.
• Quacking at us.
In Boston, don't pahk the cah in Hahvid Yahd.
by skaskaskaskaska November 17, 2011
Ohhh boston your my home! Home of the AMAZING Red Sox!! And the Pats dy-naassssstyy... & the Celts....this is one sick city.
Hmm, what should i do today? Well im in boston so i can go to Newbury Street, Fenway and maybe go to Faneuil Hall? wow i love boston.
by Katie222 June 08, 2005
1. City in Massachusetts
2. The name of a very un-awesome person.
"look that person must be named boston because he's definitely NOT awesome in any way, shape or form"
by jht890 April 07, 2012
Boston is the home of the hard-knots, where gangs roam the streets in the day but mostly at night. If you ain't from Dorchester or Roxbury like I am then don't come around here in fear of being robbed or shot, or even stabbed. Boston is a beautiful city and there is much to offer like great colleges, bars with crazy irish people, smuts and some more. The yankees suck balls, Boston is Red Soxs nation and if you don't like it then leave Boston, cause one thing we hate is people talking about a team that is no where close to being better then the Red Soxs ( The Yankees for example). Its almost always cold in Boston. People from outside of Boston call it Beantown, but people in the hood just call it the Bean. We rep three for the strips (adidas) because it stands for loyalty, and most hood niggas when they dap or greet one another, they usually give you three fingers (middle,ring,and pinky). Real Historical place to live, and the Bean is just that place to live. Point, blank, period.
Boston is a great city, the Yankees SUCK!!!!!!!
by King Pyro January 20, 2011