wicked sick.

That's all you gotta say (but apparently i gotta say more cuz the 20 letter minimum. Fuckers.)
Tourist: Boston's fuckin awesome
Us: What the fuck does "fuckin awesome" mean?
Tourist: ...
Us: Oh you mean wicked?
by sophoric April 10, 2008
Better than NY
and Miami
and Tampa
and LA
and Oakland
and any other city you can think of

some hood, some burbs.

Boy: Hey girlll, i came outta boston
Girl: OoooooooooOhhhhhhhhh, You must be cool........
Best city in the world. Home to the the Red Soxs, Samuel Adams (best beer ever), the Bruins, the Patriots (yes they are the New England Patriots, but their stadium is in Massachusetts, so it's basically in Boston), and, of course, the Irish. Everyone in Boston knows how to hold their beer, and if you don't, you better start learning. We have clubs and bars(Established Before You Were Born)everywhere. We have live music every night of the week and a bunch of concerts every month. Also home to the Dropkick Murphys and Bang Camaro(there are probably some other bands I forgot). We have some awesome colleges(Ivy League). There's also the infamous Boston Accent, which out-of-towners think is funny. We're also bad drivers, but wouldn't you rather live with bad drivers than people who can't drive *ahem*NewHampshire*cough*. We have notorius weather, but I like it. Dont forget Quincy Market.
Ya want an example of a Bahston accent, go watch the 'The Depahted' ya tahd(Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon are from Boston).
by Erik the Redd January 15, 2008
A rock band, founded by guitarist and engineer, Tom Scholz, that created some of the essentials of rock n' roll during the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Their hits include: More than a Feeling, Peace of mind, Long Time, Rock N' Roll Band, Amanda, Don't look back, and many more.
List of all the members of Boston:#

Current members:
Tom Scholz
Gary Pihl
Kimberley Dahme
Jeff Neal

# 2 Former Members

Barry Goudreau
Sib Hashian
Fran Sheehan
Jim Masdea
Fran Cosmo
Anthony Cosmo
David Sikes
Doug Huffman
Curly Smith
Anthony Citrinite
Bradley Delp (Deceased)

Boston's combination of hard rock and melodic guitar playing made their debut album an instant hit.
by Gkoziol December 28, 2007
An accent mainly in New Hampshire, and eastern Massachusetts. Many people believe "er" is replaced with "ah", which in many cases is true, but more often than not "aw" is tossed around.

People faking the accent usually use the phrase, "Park the car in Harvard Yard", and think its the ultimate test of a Boston accent.

I have honestly never heard anyone from Boston say "Bahstin", thats how people from New York talk. People from Boston say "Bawstin". The "aw" also applies to Red Sox. We don't say "sahx", we say "sawx".
Car: Cah
Boston: Baw-stin

And for all you out of town people who want to hear this, Park the car in Harvard yard: Pahk the cah in Hah-vid yahd
by xjesus14 January 24, 2010
Best city ever. We pronounce our "r's" like everyone else and Boston is steeped in culture. Pretty much best city in Massachusetts :D Home to great colleges (Harvard, MIT) and some great hospitals :) We also have BLS... first highschool in America!!!
Boston is a great place to live.
by Miyako-chan September 12, 2008
the capital of Mass, and a bunch of other states in New England because they are too lazy to get there own sports teams.


all speak in Boston accents (most of us do when we're pissed though).
say pissah, i have never met nor will i ever say or meet anyone that says pissah.
all forget out R's.
call milkshakes 'frappes', no they are not the same thing.
know where the hell the pub Cheers is.
go on duck boats.
say fookin' .
all sound like were Jewish.
call it bean town.

Have an irrational need for a Dunkin Doughnuts or CVS within a 10 mile radius of our home.
Say wicked in almost every 5 minutes of conversation.
Love our speeding tickets.
Love the celts, bruins, sox, and pats (patriots).
Have atleast 3 deadly wepons in our houses.
Say mayan (pronced by out-of-towners 'mine') but only if your really bostonion.
Love Cape Cod (but we all call it the Cape).
Know that mike's pastry's in the north end is for tourists.
Have ridden the T at some point in there life.
Tourist: Can i paaaaaahk the kaaaaaaarh in harvaddddd yaaaahd?
Bostonian: fuck off.

the pats are wicked awsome this year!

Bob: Can i borrow that?
John: No, its mayan.
Bob: Selfish, much?
by bahst'n December 07, 2010
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