A tiny city in massachusetts that has no diversity. they have pride in their historically shitty sports teams (Red Sox= 2 world championships in 90 years, Patriots=cheated during all 3 of their superbowl wins). The people are mostly assholes, and they are proud of that. They also still use "wicked" as an adjective, although the rest of America stopped doing so in the 1980's.
"I'm fram Baaahstan. (Boston)" Go Rad Sax. Tam Brady is wicked awesum. I gotta go pahhk my caaaaa."
by Buck Foston March 28, 2008
1) Town in Lincolnshire, England.

2) City in Massachusetts that stole its name from the above.
"Where is Boston?"
"Wrong. Lincolnshire."

"Where are you from?"
"You don't sound American."
"That's fake Boston, fool!"
by Mark Schueler October 15, 2006
worst city ever. full of scummy red sox fans who have no respect for anyone outside their city and for those who dont like the red sox or patriots (both awful teams). their accent is annoying as hell and girls dont find it sexy at all, girls with boston accents are repulsive. only nice part of the city is the historical district everywhere else is full of bums or scum..aka bostonians. Yankees rule. red sox suck. NYC > Boston.
The boston accent is a disgrace to the english language, it makes us americans look bad. Fuckers can't even pronounce CAR correctly.
by eLnino1187 November 14, 2007
Town located on the coast of Massachusetts whos inhabitants are not only paranoid, but ignorant, and oblivious, shown most recently on 1-31-07 when one of their fine citizens thought a light brite was a bomb.

And as a further note thier governing body seems to not only display the fine qualities of inhabitants but additionally show the quality of incompitence, but also of misplaced pride greed and general disregard for reality.
My, the Bostonites are not too much brighter than the Mooninites.
by NAXW February 09, 2007
A city in eastern Massachusetts. That's where Cheers is at. For the most part the weather is just like Philadelphia. Except a little colder.
See, I told you Boston was a little colder than Philadelphia Denise.
by JOOOOOON September 03, 2005
fellatio, gettin' some head, gettin' some neck
Ay dawg, man me and this beezy was chillin at my house and she was givin me some boston
by Davie D April 19, 2006
The area code is 617. The home of the Celtics and the illest studz and femz!!! It is better known as "Beantown" or "Da Bean", where only the strong survive...early! Peeps be sleepin on da Bean acting like we aint gangsta...we on the map now SON...early!!!
Idiot: Boston is nothing but rich snobby white kids going to good colleges.

The Informer: Boston is not just what you see on TV!!! You need to go to the hood like Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan--then come holla at me pimpin!!!
by BeantownsBoo October 17, 2005

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