Bean Town. The largest city in Massachusttes and New England with just under 600,000 residents in the city proper and some 5 million in the metro area. It is one of America's oldest cities and the place of the Boston Tea Party, some battes of the Revolutionary War, the ride of Paul Revere and the Salem witch trials of the 1700s. .Boston today is a major center in education, culture, commerce and healthcare. Has the most number of universties in the U.S. per-capita (perhaps that’s why Boston is so damb liberal and politically correct).

Culture: The people suck and are the epitome of rudeness. The F-word is a commonly uttered and not considered offensive or vulgar. They think they are superior to everyone including New Yorkers. They make fun of Midwesterners and Southerners by calling them hicks and hillbillies. Everyone's drunk & Irish in the city and rich and Jewish in the burbs. They cant drive. The roads are awful and meander every which way—it is VERY easy to get lost navigating in this urban hell. The cost of living is ridiculous and they cant even pronounce their Rs. Boston, not surpsingly, has the worst sports fans in of any city, especially in football where idiotic Pats fans think they have to win every game and have the audacity to throw snowballs at refs and prove to be sore winners AND sore losers in every game. When the Pats play indoor teams, they use the excuse of “created crowd noise ” even when they win—whatta bunch of crybabies. And Tom Brady is the biggest shmuck in football. He is, no doubt, a good player but is the most arrogant douchebag. No wonder this city is addicted to the Democrat party. Does the Kennedys ring a bell?
I hate Boston and everything about it.
by krock1dk December 24, 2007
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A city that really feels like a town full of business people during the day and college kids at night. We're loyal to our teams and will kick your ass or yell at you if you don't love them too. We'll do this either sober or drunken. Most times it's better drunken though. Basically it's really funny to us.
Ok and for another thing: Bostonian's don't say "fookin". That's just stupid. We say things like ya fucken retahded. Let's go to the paahki (a store with alcohol and cigarettes and stuff) instead. We also say things like Whasmattayou? Or what's the matter with you for an outsider. Also, respect that we say the bubblah for water foutain. My college roomate thought that was hillarious. And really, it's not so much funny, as it is just plain right.

Another thing: You only call it Beantown if you're not from there, and if you're getting a ride on a duck boat, don't quack at us. It's wicked anoying. Would you want to be quacked at every day? I don't think so. It's cold here due to the fact that Boston is a freaking wind tunnel so we're already pissed off. So, instead of quacking at us please just buy us one. It would really make the whole situation so much better. Thanks
by Kat935 January 06, 2006
We don't prounce our R's. We call garbage cans barrels, liquor stores packies, a water fountain a bubbla, turn signals blinkas and milkshakes frappes. We root for a team that loses more than it wins and Ted Williams is the greatest hitter. To us, any place West of Route 128 is the boonies and the Cape is a little piece of Heaven down here on Earth. We yell, "YANKEES SUCK!" when the Red Sox are playing the Tigers. We are Bostonians and wicked proud of it!
Only tourists take the Duck Tours and only people who don't live here call it "Beantown."

Boston is the best place in the world.
by L House January 27, 2006
the greatest city on earth, home to the dropkick murphys, berkley college of music, the union oyster house, an infinite amount of bars, and the red sox. nobody here calls it beantown, and we don't say "fookin". we pronounced fuckin more like "feckin". don't try to fake a boston accent in boston, i will instantly be detected and you will get cold stares until you leave. alot of people in boston do not actually have the accent, but we can all recognize it. if you're not irish, it's ok, just make up something about a great-aunt from county shannon and someone'll buy you a round. everyone here's a little bit irish, even the asians. the only time bostonians go on the duck tours is the patriots parades, and none of us ever, ever go on the swan boats. we make up words like you wouldn't believe. at any gathering of bostonians over five people, the "YANKEES SUCK" chant AND the "LET'S GO MURPHYS" chant are obligatory. it doesn't even matter what the occasion is.
"yeah johnny damon left us for new york; irregahdless, YANKEES SUCK. go boston."

"LET'S GO MURPHY'S! this show is wicked pissah, brah. where's my skullcap? get me anothers sams."
by Wicked Pissah March 18, 2006
A city so freakin' sweet that its basically the capital of not just Massachusetts but Maine, NH, Vermont, Conn. , & Rhode Island. Those people don't bother getting their own sports teams, because they don't really need or want to. What's the capital of Vermont anyway? Boston thats what.

When the pats lose...we riot & burn flipped-over cars.

When the pats win...we riot & burn flipped-over cars.

Boston your my home.
by WinterLager January 10, 2009
The capital of Massachusetts.

The people have the "go fuck yourself attitude" which most Bostonians can appreciate. There are mostly Irish-Americans in Boston (about 15%) It's mostly safe, but make sure not to go to Dorchester (Dot), Somerville (Slumaville), or Mattapan (Murderpan) at night. Some Bostonians don't like southerners.

-talk about the Yankees or New York, people don't like it.
- ask if you can "pahk your cah in Hahvid Yahd." It's annoying and your car will get towed.
- except people will be friendly with you, they probably won't. They probably won't acknowledge you.
- walk slow, people walk fairly fast in Boston
- call it Beantown

Packie = a liquor store, or a person who "runs a packie" is someone who buys minors liquor.
Jimmies= chocolate sprinkles
Wicked= used as an adjective (that shit was wicked good)

Boston also has a ton of fun bums, who argue with you. Check them out!
I'm from Boston, wassup
by Crack-cocaine November 21, 2007
A city in Massachusetts, where in the city, everyone's drunk & Irish, and in the 'burbs, everyones rich and Jewish. No one in Boston calls it Beantown, no one knows where Cheers is or has been to Cheers, no one has gone on a duck tour and would really like to shoot the duck tour company down, and no one has eber ridden on the swan boats. There are nice parts of Boston and bad parts. We have some great colleges, but the weather sucks. Not everyone here has a Boston accent, but in some mood, we do. For example, when I'm annoyed, my Boston accent always comes out. Boston is also home to us pathetic Red Sox fans. WOO HOO! We've all seen the movie Fever Pitch many times, but still have no idea what the plot is, or who is in it, we just remember the Red Sox parts.
Boston is an awesome city to visit.
by BOS style round here May 14, 2006
An awesome Rock and Roll band from the 70s and 80s. Their most famous song is probably "More than a Feeling." Obv, they originated from Boston.
1. Everyone into 70s and 80s rock/hard rock, particularly groups like the Eagles, should listen to Boston.
2. "Rock and Roll Band" describes how Boston was formed
3. It's surprising how this is the only definition for the band Boston on Urban Dictionary
by Rakun October 24, 2006

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