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When you put a boston cream donut in front of someones asshole then you put your stiffy through the the cream filled part of the donut and into their butt also with the cream still on your dick. then your continue analing with the cream in their ass and then you cum in their ass. Once you've finished up you eat the cream/cum mix out of their ass.
I took a stop at Krispy Kreme before taking my girl home. I gave her the boston creamer.
by bubbly_sphincter7 November 16, 2014
the act of bangin' a chick doggy style, pullin' out and spitting on her back so she thinks you came; then as she turns around jizz in her eye.
She wasn't on the pill so I had no alternative but to give her a boston creamer. The doctor said her vision would return to normal in a few weeks.
by Svpirate April 20, 2006
Creampie a girl and then shit on her pussy. Thus mirroring a Boston cream donut. In the cuban culture, shitting on a pussy is considered a grave insult...
Kenneth just gave Lisette a boston creamer.
by Keekz111 February 20, 2011
When two gays are going at it, and one pulls out his wiener and it's covered in shit. The gay who was getting his butt plowed (Gay #1) then proceeds to jizz all over the other dude's doo doo covered wang. The Boston Creamer is then enjoyed by Gay #1.
"Jeff gave Kris a boston creamer last night." "Oh, I didn't know Kris was gay."
by Yo-Nai!!!! February 24, 2010
20 guys cum in one chicks mouth at the same time then they butt fuck her
veronica was realy excited to get her boston creamer for her 21st birthday
by petter john November 26, 2010
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