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shitting between a girls tits, and then titty fucking her.
I cant think of anything good to say!
by A friend of a friend July 14, 2003
Shitting on a girls tits, and then titty fucking the shit out of her.
I think the waiter was hitting on my wife when he said there was a special on the Boston Chili Dog and that shed have to go to the back to get it..
by mauricedashit December 29, 2009
(N.) BAW-stun CHILL-ee dawg. The sexual act wherein which a male defecates onto a female's chest, where she then squeezes her breasts together so that the male may insert his penis between her breasts, creating the illusion of a chili dog. The act is sometimes topped with semen to add a cheese effect.
As the couple made love, she lovingly looked up to him and asked for a Boston Chili Dog, with cheese.
by The Masked Bukkaker May 25, 2011
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