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Good, great, excellent. Often used in conjunction with 'mate'. Mainly used in Birmingham, by people such as Lisa Dutton.
Birmingham, its bostin mate
by duffy July 21, 2003
24 11
great, or really good. Mainly used in Birmingham, UK
I had a bostin night last night
by j May 09, 2003
93 22
brilliant; fantastic; excellent; derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'bosten', meaning 'something to boast about' and now used almost exclusively in the Greater Birmingham area of the UK
I had a bostin balti last night at the Kashmiri Cottage.
by Steve Thorne July 18, 2003
42 12
superlative usually substituted for great, similar to crackin.
ar It were bostin aye It?
by El Cholo February 19, 2004
27 4
to surpass the expected.
That pint of ale was well bostin, I expected it to be as flat as Britney b4 the boob job.
by Lee Mort May 09, 2005
18 9
An exclamation of suprise or excitement.
After hearing of his payrise John started shouting ''Bostin'' at everyone.
by Brummmy March 28, 2008
2 1