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An unfortunate cubicle configuration in which you find yourself sandwiched in between two of your bosses.
I can't even check my GMail account at work because I'm in a total boss sandwich

I'm such a sad panda at work these days. I'm totally the lunch meat in a major boss sandwich.
by AK47 & Bowlerina January 30, 2009
Simply a damn good sandwich
That open-faced 5 meat beast my buddy makes is a boss sandwich
by Jhanathan February 02, 2009
when you are fucking two superiors at work.
Dude one: I think im getting a promotion because im in a total boss sandwich.

Dude two: Wow! thinds are really looking up for you now. High ten!!
by K-dubssss February 03, 2009
Sliced roast beef quickly fried in butter, salt and garlic. Put in a multidecker sandwich alongside mustard, mayo, and lettuce.
What a boss nigga, he's eaten a boss sandwich
by panzershreck February 02, 2009