When something is boss and then suddenly before it ends goes beyond greatness its: Boss Hog
Yo did you see that 1978 version of talking heads song psycho killer on you tube its boss but the last 20 seconds its straight boss hog!!!
by hobzerelli June 07, 2013
Top Definition
Someone who is straight ballin'. Does whatever he wants, whenever he wants.
Sam: Man, Captain Falcon just took Yoshi in the butt.
Rylee: I know, because he's boss hog.
by Benji Thomas February 16, 2008
Someone who is very flashy and cool with an undeniable sense of independance and does, quite frankly, whatever they please. Bosshogs keep it very real and are often hated on for doing so.
Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, P. Diddy are all Bosshogs in their own unique ways.
by Rick Weaver July 17, 2009
To take over something, to steal the show, or to take what one wants.
Man that mother fucker came in here and just boss hogged all my beer!
by To- dawg October 03, 2006
To consume entirely.
Dawg, I'm gonn bosshog these pretzels.
Yo, that ho bosshogged the chronic.
by Rohan November 13, 2004
A pimp. A man that hustles his hoes of which being slam pigs, slam hogs, or pound cakes in order to pay rent. A boss hog is always on call and always has change for a hundo, also known as a C-note or benjamin.
I called up the boss hog and he sent me this beat ass slam pig of which I hammered on until COPS started.
by Adam G May 31, 2006
To be at the top of the depth chart. Number one! The best there is, ect.
I'm ridin bosshog on 22's baby.
by Casey Corbin November 14, 2006
The act of pinching your foreskin just prior to ejaculation so as to create a seal, preventing the semen from exiting. Results in the foreskin bloating like a water balloon. The foreskin is then let go, releasing the semen, usually onto another person. Can also be performed with urine. Is considered by many to be highly arousing, sometimes performed as an alternative to traditional coital acts.
Tim: "Hey did you see Henry on Cath lastnight?"

Peter: "Yeah, looked like he was boss hogging her!"

Tim: "Oath, his foreskin looked like a basketball!"
by Robert is Big August 03, 2013
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