The life of the party.
The superior of everyone.
The bomb
Shelby: hey, you know that kid Ian?
Mark: Hell yeah, he's the boss!
by This has been marked as spam October 08, 2011
someone who runs shit and is on their grind all hours of every day!
damn that kid joe wino is such a boss!
by the_boss14 April 18, 2011
someone who is there when you are late and not there when you are early.
I hate my boss...nah there ani't no punch line to that.
by Uvenk January 12, 2011
Someone is extremely amazing at something
"Dude, That guy is a BOSS!"

by BOSS!!!!! December 09, 2010
an awesomeopossum drizzled in awesomesauce.
person 1: "that person is SUCH a boss!"
person 2: "what's a boss?"
person 1: "oh, y'know.. an awesomeopossum.. drizzed in.. awesomesauce.."
person2: "whoa, dude! fosho!"
by cheesesoup. October 03, 2010
1. Something that's super amazing or exciting.

2. The dickhead that oversees you when you work.
1. "Dude! That cape is SO boss!"

2. "Ugh, today my boss made me organize his file drawers in reverse alphabetical order."
by Isabelle Astra October 28, 2009
1.referring to someone who gets mad pussy
2. some who does what they want
3 someone who runs shit
look at john mackin that shit, hes a fuckin boss
by cain223 October 12, 2009
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