something 'boss' is extremely cool and loped out
damn! that sound system is boss!
by mstar June 26, 2003
Someone put in a managerial position. One in charge of employees.
Yo man, my boss totally fucking sucks I should kick his ass.
by shannon March 27, 2003
by B.O.S.S. - E.N.T. November 11, 2009
Someone who runs things in their area, which means they know everything that's goin on, has things going on and basiaclly is like the king of that area.
Mike:Yo, I heard someones trying to sell drugs in my corner, they dont know I run things like a boss.
by Posi July 22, 2006
oouber sick... aka hottttt
wakeboarding is boss
by Patirce February 20, 2005
acronym for manager;big old stupid shit.
Sure thing,boss.
by sky May 07, 2003
Noun: To get one's dick sucked.

Verb: To receive felatio.
Melissa gives good ass boss.

I got bossed up by Melissa in the mall bathroom yesterday afternoon.
by J. Kang July 10, 2008
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