A word to describe something "cool" "awsome" "sick" Used in The Office (TV Show) many times by Micheal.
That shirts really BOSS man
Thanks, those shoes are BOSS too.

Look at that girl. Her ass is BOSS
by foxdogp52 July 20, 2011
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the real man who makes everyone do stuff for him!
In the movie borderline, the cult leader is given baths by two chicks. Man he is a boss!
by whydoeSanleandrosuksomuch June 22, 2009
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KIM'mothafcking'D*NG! Is HELLA BOSS! Nobody can beat her! Shes theeeee fcking definition of it! Taylor Lautner is nothing compared to her! BAMMM!(:
Lameperson: Who's BOSS?
by laaadeeeeeedaaaaaaa! August 13, 2009
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(B)rother (O)f (S)exy (S)ister
by ScorpionKing July 23, 2009
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BOSS! is the BOSSITY BOSSY BOSS BOSS BOSS BOSSY BOSSITY BOSSY BOSS BOSS! BOSS! is the BOSS! and the BOSS! Not to be mistaken for "BOSS" without an "!", "boss!", or any misspelling thereof! ONLY BOSS! IS BOSS!
BOSS! loves DDR. Why don't you?!?
BOSS! loves Physics. Why don't you?!?
BOSS! stalks Steve Jobs and kidnaps him.
BOSS! loves ticker tape!
by AdeptOmega August 22, 2003
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mediocre, retarded. opposite of hott + hawt. as taken in parallel to it's original intended meaning - ossum.
homo v./2.0's livejournal is boss.
by pixelinpink May 10, 2005
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Someone who is superior to his peers. Dustin Pedroia is the perfect example of a boss.
Dustin packs the biggest lips, and hits homeruns, what a boss.
by ACDEF October 29, 2007
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