Boss is a positive adjective as well as being a noun. When used as an adjective, it often comes with the modifier - ish (bossish)

(Ish in this case is not used to mean anything in particular, except as an addition to help the sound of the phrase - when used as a adjective - to flow into the next word.)

It is usually used to describe objects or persons in a positive sense, but a further definition of the word is that it describes someone or something possessing certain characteristics found in video-game bosses.

The boss of a video game comes at the climax of a level and has the player hyped, since they have been fighting lesser grunts to get to this stage.
The boss is considered to be more intimidating than his minions and is often accompanied by heavy toned, evil, ominous, and oppressive music (boss tune)
The boss is usually a dark and evil character, but it is the dramatic, stand out, dominating nature of a boss that can be implied by the use of "boss" as an adjective:

A character that is considered "boss" or "bossish", does not always have to be evil; he/she or it, may simply be a dominating, "badass" or antihero
The criteria for this is varied, but it is not often that you will see a cute character, such as a Pokemon described as "boss" or "bossish", unless it is in a sarcastic or ironic sense.

Hero characters of films can be known as "bossish" if played seriously, a camp character, like Flash Gordon is unlikely to fit this term, though in an ironic/sarcastic way it is used frequently.

The term itself has camp, comedy value anyway...
"Mr.T's the boss! He could so kick the X-men's asses!"

"Shut up fool, he ain't as bossish as Wolverine!"

"Huh? Bossish Wolverine?"

by Starbucks Wasted February 27, 2006
Just anotha` way of sayin` "GOTCHA!" or "SHEEMED!". You gotta say somethin` hella stupid & unintelligible & you gotta get the other person to say "What?" or "Huh?" & then you BOSS them.
Cal - Aye, ahkjashdkjeh?
Mitch - What?
Cal - BOSS!
by Roreezy June 08, 2005
Something incredibly cool, awesome, or just fucking increidble. Best used when referring to something popular in the 80's or early 90's. See: rad, bitchin.
Dude, these aviators are so boss.
by B November 18, 2003
awsome; meaning along the same as
"man that OWNS!" aka "man thats BOSS!"
highly thought of.
"her hair was so boss."

"omg, thats so boss!"
by Nathalia November 12, 2006
Slang for oral sex given from a female to a male. (See also "head" and "dome")
I got some boss last night.

That chick bossed me up this mornin while I was watchin Sports Center.
by The Gaffer February 16, 2005
The greatest thing to have if u got a good one like mine
No boss i dont think its a good idea for me to have another pint... oh alright if u insist
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
Boss is an acronym for "Bitches on small sticks."


Wow that girl/guy is a boss.

Code for a girl/guy who likes men with little dicks
by jeremy2711 February 17, 2009
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