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Slang for oral sex given from a female to a male. (See also "head" and "dome")
I got some boss last night.

That chick bossed me up this mornin while I was watchin Sports Center.
by The Gaffer February 16, 2005
20 26
The greatest thing to have if u got a good one like mine
No boss i dont think its a good idea for me to have another pint... oh alright if u insist
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
3 9
Boss is an acronym for "Bitches on small sticks."


Wow that girl/guy is a boss.

Code for a girl/guy who likes men with little dicks
by jeremy2711 February 17, 2009
2 9
The Black mosses, believed to have gotten the 10 tablets of chicken from Bog (Black "negro" God)
White Kid - Mom i belive in the Bosses now
Mom- Who is this Bosses
White Kid - my black friend Jerome taught me about him, hes black mosses
Mom - We really need to find you some white friends
by JimiNHorn April 02, 2008
2 9
Someone who runs things in their area, which means they know everything that's goin on, has things going on and basiaclly is like the king of that area.
Mike:Yo, I heard someones trying to sell drugs in my corner, they dont know I run things like a boss.
by Posi July 22, 2006
3 10
Pertaining to the state of being awesome or cool.
JFish: Damn son that Barmitsfa was BOSS. Shit they had all those fine Jewish chicks there.
Drew: BOSSSS!!!! it'd be Fired too bad their Jewish damn.
by Drewsta T February 19, 2006
1 8
Thats fuckin tight as fuck
Thats mad fuckin beast
Wanna run a train on Becka?
Fuck yeah dude that'll be fuckin Boss!
by Jim bob bill August 25, 2005
3 10