someone who is just generally awesome all the time...period and does everything in a very dominating fashion
goddamn dude he boned three chicks last night without even trying what a boss
by somebrownie420 June 29, 2009
Used in the place of any word, used primarily when a group of people are very intoxicated or smoked out.
"Im pretty bossed dude.."
by Evan Sunshine April 20, 2008
the act of giving or receiving oral sex. head/dome/blowjob. termed coined by group of friends known as "The Guyers"
"Yo, she just gave me boss!"
"What a slut, she gave me boss yesterday"
by Saylor Tuppies October 15, 2007
-meaning completely cool, wicked, gnarly, groovy, slammin', bangin', ect...
Dude! That fuckin' concert was so boss!
by Heather The Great April 02, 2005
Head nigaa in charge. Makes everything look sooo easy. does mad illgal shit, but has people do it for him to keep his hands clean.
Who da boss playa who da muthafuckin boss?
by Sir Dickems April 02, 2005
Someone who is superior to his peers. Dustin Pedroia is the perfect example of a boss.
Dustin packs the biggest lips, and hits homeruns, what a boss.
by ACDEF October 29, 2007
a girl that can do anything.. they can do what the guys do, they work for their money.. and just takke anything like a boss. they can have sex 12 times in one day and smoke 4 blunts in one day
just know that it was takin like a boss
by swiss maniac December 16, 2006
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