To be excellent or superior. To be awesome or cool.
"Dude, that song is so boss."
by Garrett March 18, 2004
one who hide behind thier authority to get what they want and do as they please even when it puts so much on your shoulders that it will break you and THEN treat others like shit and when you tell them the truth and they will be in the wrong they justify ANOTHER topic to thier defense so they can look good whiles they flaunt thier education around and act as if though they are better that 90 percent of the world (and smarter) so they can stand before everyone and say behold, my shit stinketh not whilest they throw stones at the druggies and then take the same dope(PAIN KILLERS) behind closed doors and tell others what they need to work on in thier personality defect when that is simply how they have become due to life WHEN THESE DOUCHE BAGS have never had a hard day/homeless day/ broke day in thier entire life and admit to it.. not to metion totalY disregaurd you as a human being and display total disrespect for you and then butter you up so they can sleep at night and appologize for something that never happened or your obvious anger. i.e. im sorry your face is red(after they slaped you) what can i do about that to help.
THE PERSON AT WORK WHO DOES ABSOLUTLY NOT A THING AND THEN GETS PAID MORE tells every one what to do and usually only creates more chaos and work for everone and has a problem with you having a bad day but you are to tolorate his anal behaviors and speech while he has a bad day. on your bad day usually says something like nobody here has the right to be mad. also it is a waste of your time to argue a point with him/her due to the fact they can win this argument with a whole nother subject that pertains not to anything.
by jo-wee penly March 11, 2004
See Butt Hook
Ususally found in the Injection Molding industry
by TS January 06, 2004
To suck someone's dick... usually a girl to a guy....
Dave: I had some great boss last night from the girl next door.
Bob: OH fo real..... let me holla at that girl.
by Anto December 26, 2003
n: someone of extreme importance or greatness. someone who is totally cool or completely superior to all others around him or her.

Localized to educational publishing editorial staffs in central California
I'm the boss!

Did you see that save Matt made? He's the boss!
by Almost Audible June 29, 2003
A idiot who thinks he can say whatever he wants to you
I just scratched the whole side of my boss benz, that idiot thinks he can do whatever he wants!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
1) Another term to refer to something that's cool, awesome, sweet, tight, etc.

2) A totally kick-ass person.
Person 1- Hey man check out my new kicks I just got.
Person 2- Dude. Those are boss. Where'd you get 'em?
Person 1- Payless!
Person 2- BOSS

Person 1- Yo did you hear that new Lil Wayne song?
Person 2- Yeah bro I love that guy. Such a boss.
by iforgotmynameohgosh August 05, 2010

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