To suck someone's dick... usually a girl to a guy....
Dave: I had some great boss last night from the girl next door.
Bob: OH fo real..... let me holla at that girl.
by Anto December 26, 2003
n: someone of extreme importance or greatness. someone who is totally cool or completely superior to all others around him or her.

Localized to educational publishing editorial staffs in central California
I'm the boss!

Did you see that save Matt made? He's the boss!
by Almost Audible June 29, 2003
A idiot who thinks he can say whatever he wants to you
I just scratched the whole side of my boss benz, that idiot thinks he can do whatever he wants!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
1) Another term to refer to something that's cool, awesome, sweet, tight, etc.

2) A totally kick-ass person.
Person 1- Hey man check out my new kicks I just got.
Person 2- Dude. Those are boss. Where'd you get 'em?
Person 1- Payless!
Person 2- BOSS

Person 1- Yo did you hear that new Lil Wayne song?
Person 2- Yeah bro I love that guy. Such a boss.
by iforgotmynameohgosh August 05, 2010
someone who is just generally awesome all the time...period and does everything in a very dominating fashion
goddamn dude he boned three chicks last night without even trying what a boss
by somebrownie420 June 29, 2009
Used in the place of any word, used primarily when a group of people are very intoxicated or smoked out.
"Im pretty bossed dude.."
by Evan Sunshine April 20, 2008
the act of giving or receiving oral sex. head/dome/blowjob. termed coined by group of friends known as "The Guyers"
"Yo, she just gave me boss!"
"What a slut, she gave me boss yesterday"
by Saylor Tuppies October 15, 2007

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