KIM'mothafcking'D*NG! Is HELLA BOSS! Nobody can beat her! Shes theeeee fcking definition of it! Taylor Lautner is nothing compared to her! BAMMM!(:
Lameperson: Who's BOSS?
by laaadeeeeeedaaaaaaa! August 13, 2009
(B)rother (O)f (S)exy (S)ister
That guy is BOSS man
by ScorpionKing July 23, 2009
an asshole
Indain Guy at the Packet Store: 9.75 boss!!
You: fuck off asshole
by jimmyv7677 July 03, 2009
the real man who makes everyone do stuff for him!
In the movie borderline, the cult leader is given baths by two chicks. Man he is a boss!
by whydoeSanleandrosuksomuch June 22, 2009
Acronym for big oversized semen shooter.
Man, my BOSS is an asshole.
by Gary Coleman IV June 16, 2008
If something is cool it is considered Boss.
Dude your car is so boss.
by Lil' Balthazar February 26, 2008
Acronym: Big Old Stupid Son Bitch.
How is it going today? Going good Boss.
by Sardonica13869 September 09, 2007

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