Brothers Of Strong Struggle
"On What?"
"On the BOSS"
by Angel Faye May 22, 2007
vernacular verb in reference to the act of fellatio
"She bossed him good."
by phaedrus66 July 07, 2006
"sorry son of a bitch" what prisoners mean when they call the man boss
yes! boss i'll get the job done just dont lock me in the hole.
by nocternal anal gram October 02, 2005
When a bitch knows whose boss(you) and shows it by sucking your dick, sometimes calling you "boss" as she does it.
That bitch dropped to her knees and gave me boss right in the middle of the dance floor.
by C M0N3Y July 10, 2005
To extemly emphasive one thing that normally is cool. Or really negative
Man She is Boss Hot

Your car totally Boss sucks
by S. Knight January 29, 2004
a specie of your kind who you hate the most but will still lick his feet if s/he asks
it's boss time. lick my boots
by Picasso newton February 28, 2011
A gangsta hidden in white people speech.
Yo, that Donald kid being getting pussy like a boss.
by DRad!!! December 08, 2010

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