1. Something of great stature.
2. What people like Matt Manousoff could only dream of becoming.
"Look at Nick, he is such a boss"
by N Vizzle November 19, 2008
when something is cool and right at that moment.
I get pay today, boss!
by maddymaj August 09, 2008

And in northwest it is scarcely used like this
Guy1:Hey theirs ryan lets go hang out with him
Guy2:Yeah He's boss!
by Pienax August 04, 2008
someone who demands respect from everyone no matter who you are.
watch out bro the boss might get you.
by mitch s. June 15, 2008
To give oral to someone usually said from a male's point of view.
Man shawty was at the crib yesterday and she gave me some good boss
by girly123 March 04, 2008
receiving a blow job and gettin some head.
lindsey bossed me off yesterday while i played my gameboy or tiffany gives the best boss ever.
by Timothy D. Zelda January 14, 2008
-Verb, Beat the living shit out of someone.
Boston College bossed the shit out of Virginia Tech.
by Boss of da Noke November 02, 2007

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