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Cool ; impressive
Emily is boss.

That skateboard trick was boss!
by Kandygrl7 June 26, 2009
1 3
Beast, miraculous, someone who gets all the ladies.
Man, Kenji's such a boss with the ladies.
by KayJay7 May 27, 2009
2 4
A girl with a boyfriend who flirts with other guys for her own amusement and/or free drinks. Oftentimes her boyfriend will be present at that very same bar.
Hey man, watch out for the boss over there, she is just chatting up that guy for a taste of his Patron.
by bronxminotaur March 02, 2009
0 2
better than everyone else, somebody that is a beast
Wow, Bret is such a boss!
by Bret (aka BOSS) November 30, 2008
4 6
1. Something of great stature.
2. What people like Matt Manousoff could only dream of becoming.
"Look at Nick, he is such a boss"
by N Vizzle November 19, 2008
5 7
when something is cool and right at that moment.
I get pay today, boss!
by maddymaj August 09, 2008
7 9

And in northwest it is scarcely used like this
Guy1:Hey theirs ryan lets go hang out with him
Guy2:Yeah He's boss!
by Pienax August 04, 2008
5 7