A person that is extremely cool. Also a person that does something with an awesome or exciting outcome.
Kid: Man, I just dunked on the tallest guy on the team!
Kid2: Dam, you're a boss!
by Dogibb October 05, 2012
A noun used to describe someting that is incredibly awesome.
"Dude, that movie was so BOSS!"
by HeatherFeather_RD January 09, 2008
prison gang..."B"others "O"n the "S"trong "S"rruggle. consisting of black people who are polictly concerned for prisoners that are black persons in prison. they also deal in drug trafficing, extorsion and racist wars to oppose any poteintal threat to their cause.
that guy is boss and messin with him is messin with an army!
by x August 11, 2003
An awesome person. Like, for example
Gaydude: Your dad is such a boss.

Woman: Yeah? How the fuck does that work?

Gaydude: I asked if I can suck his dick and he said: "With pleasure!"
by thecodfather December 09, 2013
being a fratstar
Drew is a Boss because he gets his d wet every day.
by ghubba June 14, 2012
A Boss is a man who's head is conveniently shaped like the male reproductive organ. He can woo any girl. Although he is actually not attractive, he can use his amazing intelligence and "genius-level" IQ to trick many people into thinking so. His skills include constant talking. It is advisable if you are a man to not be friends with a "Boss" because they will always manage to flirt with or hit on your date, even if the "Boss" does not actually want to date the girl and knows that you like her.
"Dude, you going to hang out with Sypa today?"
"No way man, that boss keeps hogging Ashley every time I try to talk to her."

"You see that guy at the club last night?"
"Yea he was such a boss, hitting on every girl there."
by Gabe-Six-Pac December 11, 2011
Super cool, Awesome, Amazing.
Also spelled as Baws.
'Did you see that girl Kayla over there?'
'Dude she's a boss.'

'Have you seen Sheas new haircut?'
"Yeah man, it looks pretty boss on her.'
by Dudeimmaboss November 08, 2011
The life of the party.
The superior of everyone.
The bomb
Shelby: hey, you know that kid Ian?
Mark: Hell yeah, he's the boss!
by This has been marked as spam October 08, 2011

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