being a fratstar
Drew is a Boss because he gets his d wet every day.
by ghubba June 14, 2012
Disingenuous form of address used by insolent little twats, which although ostensibly deferential, actually implies that they don't actually have any respect for you at all.
"Alright boss!"
"Thanks boss!"
by Dr. Klaus Engelmann April 21, 2006
An adjective used in many situations describing something or someone that is superior.
Bryan: Yo man those shoes are fuckin boss

Keith: Damn do I know it


Keith: Yo, you know Bryan?

Jamal: Yeah, the dude's fuckin boss at hockey.


Bryan: Yo homeboy

Jamal: What up boss
by *BMK* June 28, 2009
1. a supervisor, or head of a unit at work

2. supercool, fly, awesome to the max

3. nickname of American rocker Bruce Springsteen.
1. my boss loves to tell about when he saw Elvis live in Las Vegas.

2. that party at Brian's place was so boss!

3. I saw the Boss perform at the university auditorium last night. The show was so boss!
by Starpunk November 27, 2006
an employee of the state or county entrusted to guard prisoners; the prison guard, the jailer, the warden, the bailiff. The Man.
An off duty white Dallas County Sherrif Dept. jailer is walking along at the State Fair of Texas with his family, a brotha' yells at him "hey Boss!"
by Boss February 26, 2004
Pimp, G, Awesome, Cool, Godly, Amazing, Pro, -A person who all these words apply too
Dude, look at Rami he's a fucking boss!
by Rami Dunham December 12, 2008
Liverpool slang for 'great'
'That re-make of Texas Chainsaw Masacre is boss!!'
by Becca December 04, 2004
BOSS: (n) - a word indicating awesomenessocity. Such as; thats boss, or boss hat dude, etc... It is a synnonym for the words; ill, sick, nasty, sweet, and so forth.
Olivia: I got an xbox.
Kory: Boss!!!
by The Boss Man July 06, 2005

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