Noun; Word used by sport-fisherman to describe an enormous catch. A boss fish is usually at the top of the food-chain, meaning that there is no other fish in the area that would dare contend with it. When a fish slams on an angler's line and it is clear that the animal is not an ordinary fish, it is obvious that the fish is a boss. On occasion, the fish comes in slowly and it is unclear whether or not the fish is a boss. Once the fish is actually witnesses, it can be determined if it is a boss.
If your line gets slammed by a fish and it is instantly clear that it's a monster, you can vocally declare, "Hell yea! It's a boss!" This can be assigned to any species as long as the animal is extraordinarily large for it's species. Example: Boss-Bass, Boss-Pike, Boss-Walleye, etc.
by iceman 69 December 28, 2009
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Incrediably Awesome; miraculous; great
Dude, did you see that chick? She's fuckin' Boss!
by John December 15, 2002
noun-a person who is a leader, someone who runs shit in his/her hood or city.

If you got more than $100 G's in the bank and stackin paper every day, more than likely you are a Boss.
by Tiffany aka Ya Girl Miss Tiff October 25, 2005
Cool. Awesome.

An expression from the mid 1950s, which fell from favor by the early 1960s.
Sal Bufardesi let a tremendous binderfender in class one day, grinned, and said "that's boss!"
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
Bosses are like diapers: Full of shit and all over your ass.
My boss had nothing to do, so he watched me work all day today.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
something that is unusally "awesome" or "cool."
Have you seen Mark's new car? It's so boss!
by Rachelleio February 21, 2003
In a video game the a big enemy at the end of the level. Defeated in the boss fight.
"Holy crap! The boss in the first level of Contra is totally weak!"
by Brian Johnson April 10, 2004
Used to address people in a friendly manner (as in not implying they are your employer or master).
Them: Yo!
You: Hey up boss, whats up?
by Joshtek July 01, 2003

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