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Boss Kick - Instructions

Step 1. Find a good opponent facing your direction.

Step 2. Run like a mad man towards him/her.

Step 3. Depending on your height, jump at him feet first from about 3 1/2 feet away, closer for shorter people.

Step 4. Plant feet comfortably on opponents face, preferably across the forehead and bridge of nose.

Step 5. Push.

Step 6. If all goes well, you should have performed an impressive boss kick. If not, you are either on the ground in front of opponent, or you got grabbed in mid-air and are in the bushes. In either case, get up and run.

P.S. It is considered rude to be boss kicked in the face. Not for your parents dinner parties.
watch it pal, or im gonna Boss Kick you in the face!
umm, what?
Read the instructions. *KICK*
by Cloak_N_Dagger August 01, 2005
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