verb. to unsuspectingly dominate or take control of someone, something, or a certain situation. for added effect, the performer can call out "boss hogg!" to the victim, who will usually quickly and quietly accept defeat.
Rich: Hey, dude, what are you doing, I was watching that!

Ryan: Boss hogg, bitch. Now go fix me a sandwich.

Rich: Yes sir.

by Rey Del Fuego November 14, 2007
Top Definition
1.To hold somthing for a long time ie. a sweet..
2.Not to share somthing
3. To use ones slab to swang through all lanes on a particular road. ]
4. can be used in references to hoggin' anything
ie. the mic, a sweet, the lane etc...
Where I come from we often substitute the word slim thug, or thugga for the term boss hogggin'.. cuz we know that he represents the boss hogg outlawz rap group
"say mane quit boss hoggin the sweet"
by philldafunk June 08, 2007
The nickname for Slim Thug, the North Houston undergound rapper.
That Boy Slim thug da' Boss Hogg of da' nawf.
by Big Tyrone December 02, 2004
To Win or Dominate or take something over.
Lets go Boss Hogg At because they BOSS HOGG!
by King Payam November 10, 2003
Jefferson Davis Hogg. Corrupt, short, banty rooster-esque character who ran the town of Hazzard in the classic television show The Dukes Of Hazzard.
Dangit, Boss Hogg done sent Roscoe after us again!
by Jacob November 12, 2003
Someone who hogs all the god dam cheez-its. they usually are stuck up, have obsessive eye rubbing, and hog everyting in sight
your being such a boss hogg right now
by timmy tom tom timmy tom June 24, 2010
when a chick half-ass shaves her cooter, leaving tufts of pubes along each side of her bald twat, resulting in a look not unlike that of boss hogg's head.
boss hogg : I can tell dat brenda is starting to take me fo' granted...she used to keep dat poonani squeakity clean, but for da past two weeks she jes' been boss hoggin' it.
by the bigdog September 11, 2008
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