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boshizzle; the new & improved form of saying "bullshit.", it gives it a amusing twist to the word, & is 10x more fun to say.
"she said she did!", "boshizzle!"
by wewerebornforthis12 October 16, 2011

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From the mean streets of Willenhall. Used when no other forms of slang can be said...
Bo diggidy shizzaye! Shank master plank, rank diggedy shizzle. Seeeef.... errmm...... err.... Bo shizzle!
by Nicholas Wootton May 14, 2004
a combination of polish horseshoes, redneck washers and jersey clams.

typically played by the ghetto set at BBQ's, tailgates and parole after-parties.
this week on belle isle, me and SPoKe tossed a sick game of bo'shizzle.
by SoDa August 11, 2003