someone who realised that they sinned against god and without repantance of sin they know that they are going to a very dark and disturbing place called hell. This person asks jesus to come and be the lord of their life and in return jesus fills you with the holy spirit.(being born of the spirit). our spirits are dead untill we recieve jesus.
Gods commands: have you lied? stolen, lusted, used god's name in vain? if you have done any of these things even once you are not worthy to go to heaven. Thats we need to become born again christians recieve Jesus for forgivness and to experience true love
e.g Tom realised that no matter how good his deeds were he still could'nt get into heaven. he knew that jesus paid the price for our sins and excepted him to be lord of his life.
by Oscar! March 12, 2006
Usually an atheist idiot who realizes that atheism is nonscientific and has nothing to do with science. These atheists become born again Christians once they reach a certain age of maturity after all the years of their juvenile name-calling and insulting of religions and religious people on the internet.
Tom became a born again Christian after he worked out that theism, unlike atheism, was thoroughly supported by logic and western philosophy.
by Skialian January 15, 2014

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