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pl. borloloys - tagalog slang for fashion accessories, eg. bracelet, necklace, earings, etc.
don't use too many borloloys. you will look like a christmas tree.
#fashion accessories #earings #necklace #bracelet #rings
by emadorum August 15, 2006
1. a Filipino term for fashion accessories;
2. - culture: an eminent Filipino culture pertaining to the lavish decors put in homes, streets, stores, etc.(syn: uslawit culture)
e.g. 1: do you have any borloloys there? i feel a bit underdressed.
e.g. 2: i hate the borloloys they put up along the boulevard, it made the whole strip look awful and cheap.
#fashion #accessories #culture #decoration #decor
by tsardsters August 16, 2007
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