1. an intense culmination of profound or protracted tedium.

2. an orgasm induced by and occurring simultaneously with a yawn; a known side effect of some hormone-altering medications.
1. Besides those fresh safety videos, the flight home was a real boregasm.

2. <yawn> Oh goodness, I believe I just boregasmed--must be the meds.
by Yonny H. February 17, 2009
Opposite of an orgasm. You discover too late that a sex act is mindless/boring/bad but you've got no better place to be. Also known as a fake orgasm. Occurs frequently with sympathy fucks.
I hooked up with this irish hottie on st pats but when we got back to his place not only was he a horrible kisser but he had no dick. I had a boregasm and got the fuck outta there.
by hotboxin November 25, 2005
Refers to the one moment after a long streak of boredom where you just can't take it anymore and you have to do something fun.
Geeze, the final speech of the Republican National Convention almost gave me a boregasm.
by Pinko the Klown September 04, 2004
an invisible orgasm. also known as a snoregasm. the opposite of a whoregasm.
wow, that was a total boregasm. please leave.
by tensacross January 23, 2011

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