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When facebook or myspace isn't working.
Since boredom has occured, i now have to go on Twitter.
by MiloDear April 12, 2010
"Ten thousand women committed suicide when they heard of boredom's demise."
by boredom March 22, 2003
Teen who looks very feminine with a lanky body and long girly hair who calls himself a fag yet has a girlfriend.
You remind me of Boredom.
by Decipher September 22, 2003
Gothy guy with a girlfriend who has a twat that smells like tuna, but masks it with Strawberry perfume. Is prone to be an ass at all times, is like the cockroach; will never die.
That boredom guy sure is swell.
by M March 22, 2003
noun; (1) A person who experiences difficulty being stimulated by the opposite sex. (2) One who prefers masturbation to sexual intercourse. See also wanker.
My word, Jeeves! Staying at home again? You're such the boredom!
by boredom May 05, 2003
If you need an example of how school is boredom, then you have never gone to school.
by Drearyrainbow3 August 10, 2014