A side effect of not playing an MMORPG.
I used to raid 30 hours a week on World of Warcraft. Now that I have quit the game and redeemed what was left of my shattered social life, how am I supposed to fill up the time that Warcraft took up? Absolute boredom.
by Lord Razzola November 30, 2009
Staring at the computer for hours thinking what to do.
and boredom brought me to urbandictionary.com.
I'm scrolling the mouse continuously up, down, up down.
Oh my god, this is called boredom.
by ahyan January 08, 2013
The only reason I am writing this definition.
kid 1:God I hate boredom.
kid 2:yeah, me too.
Kid 1:lets go write something on urban dictionary!
by hankhillasateenybopper April 08, 2012
Something that kills.
I AM *breathe heavily* DYING *breathe heavily* OF *breathe heavily again* BOREDOM.
by HUMAN FROM EARTH February 04, 2011
boredom meen's that there is sooo nothing to do and you cant find anything to do so you go on the urban dictionary looking up stuped things like poo and other random crap otherwise you wouldent be reading this
oh my god I HATE BOREDOM!!!!
by LEMONS ARE SOUR August 24, 2008
Boredom-noun associated with the feeling you get just before you start complaining you have nothing better to do, obsess to friends about the girl you like, go listen to crappy music like MCR, start crying and become a little emo fag.

Boredom affects all humans to a greater or lesser effect. At least once a day.
Boredom is curable by watching south park, playing video games, and pulling pranks on people.
Warning: This may result in becoming antisectarianist, a nerd, and a punk respectively.

Boredom may be temporarily diverted by trawling through UD.
See below.
RogueSpearzors says:
I've got that feeling again...boredom I think its called..

Mike AKA Jawastriker says:
Go on Urbandictionary.com and research your condition
by RogueSpearzors September 24, 2007
Learning how to conjugate verbs in French class. Or any foreign language class.
French class is so fucking boring it makes me want to kill myself out of boredom!
by shadowwings October 26, 2011
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