When all the high-user-count porno has been downloaded off Kazaa. Usually results in download of other file sharing clients.
Jake: Dontcha hate it when boredom strikes.
Bob: I never get bored but, i have hustler passwords.
by beorge gush November 12, 2005
A highly infectious disease that is caused by:

Being without communication
Only having a small amount of friends
Refreshing your social web pages

Doing everything over again and again and again
Oblivious on what to do and
Maybe being stuck in the middle of no ware.

when having this disease it is hard to get rid of because there is no cure apart from 1 which is by having a social life (or the very rare case of some of your friends actually being online)
by Heroesnofan January 24, 2010
The only thing worse than constipation
'Sex and the City' is now my definition for boredom. i can't BELIEVE she made me watch it. AAAAAAHH!!!
by Mr. Roger Rabbit January 15, 2009
What you get from watching the disney channel all day long because your too lazy to get up and actually find the remote....for once.
Jorge got extreme boredom from staring at his TV for nine hours straight.
by AlexTheSavior May 14, 2009
How you were created.
Your daddy put his pee-pee in your mommy's hoo-ha that night when there was nothing else on TV.

Boredom is what George W. Bush had right before he started the war.
by He She It May 26, 2007
feeling inattentive and very disinterested in the current environment, also weary from nothing ever happening, your spirit has died off, and the world is conspiring to bring your life to an unprecedented level of nothing to do. Followed by a "couldn't care less" attitude.
Sally, had nothing to do because everything was 1) already done 2) didn't interest her. Thus: boredom.
by brilliantlysimple June 30, 2010
the state in which you both have nothing to do, and you are not tired. These statuses are always present, such as during the day. During the day, if you have nothing to do, and its during the day, so you arent tired, you are bored. Also, when you are just talking to friends, waiting to get tired. thats boredom too.
Me: God, im bored. theres nothing to do, and im not tired, so i cant sleep
Friend: get some sleeping pills, that will cure your boredom
by Koralyne February 15, 2010
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