The reason why 4chan exists. The reason why people fall in love with internet fads
Do you think that anyone sane of mind would like a black faced guy with big red lips shooting a lazor from his mouth? Also why someone not affected by serious boredom would find funny a poorly painted brown bear that somebody had pretended that it had to be a pedophile?
by XxLorDxX January 30, 2011
A fatal disease that cause you to stare off into space, and ignore your surroundings. You go in to a trance and can be cured by doing something fun. Symptoms of boredom include: watching paint dry, watching something bake in the oven, watching the coffee maker, staring off into space of an extended amount of time, counting tiles on your bathroom floor and staring at something bright till you see pretty colours before your eyes
Matt: hey lets go to a movie
Ted: .......
Matt: dude you ok?
Ted: ....... What? when did you get here?
Matt: dude your suffering from boredom
by Jenava February 05, 2010
A disease that, if not cured, leads to chronic masturbation.
Gosh, I'm so bored. My computer's broke, I didn't pay my cable bill, and I don't have anything to do. Only boredom. Hmm.... porno... yea... sounds pretty good right now...
by Lord Razzola February 18, 2008
What you have, if you're looking it up.
You're only reading this because you have a severe case of boredom.
by funkymonkeycola October 28, 2009
the reason i am on this website.
i am actually spending hours on this website.
is it a good website?
yeah but it is mostly because of boredom
by Pontiac February 11, 2006
Something that happens to you. It causes you to do almost anything, just to be doing something. Sometimes even homework.

But most of the time you end up sitting at the computer and staring at your desktop or watching the tv even though there is nothing good on or yelling at your younger brother for being an idiot. (which he always just never bother telling him)
I am so freaking bored. Man, boredom sucks.
by C3ll0 September 05, 2005
The definition coined by Jay and Silent Bob before stripping to the Buffalo Bill dance. Also known as the first step on the road to relapse.
"I'm fuckin' bored man. And boredom is the first step on the road to relapse."
by Chaos Sniper November 14, 2009
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