The reason why 4chan exists. The reason why people fall in love with internet fads
Do you think that anyone sane of mind would like a black faced guy with big red lips shooting a lazor from his mouth? Also why someone not affected by serious boredom would find funny a poorly painted brown bear that somebody had pretended that it had to be a pedophile?
by XxLorDxX January 30, 2011
What people are when they have no social lives
I have no friends, no car, no job, and no money. I got nothing to do and am suffering from boredom
by unbored June 19, 2008
Occurs when one has nothing left to do because their penis is too sore to toss off again
Woahhh...I am so bored today, I have nothing left to do. This bordem is killing me
by x_6madness9_x July 11, 2005
It is defined as sitting in a marriage at Mulki and staring at all the unknown people and giving sweet smiles all the time making urself diabetic :-)
Kasu suffered Boredom the whole day at his cousins wedding
by Bratkasu December 09, 2010
A severe disease infecting millions of people all over the world is which they constantly exhibit certain behaviours like lack of movement, construction of various pointless structures, doodling, talking about pointless things. There is no known cure, though the symptoms do seem to fade when victim is introduced to something time consuming or slightly entertaining, such as television, counting nails in a wall, or intimate sexual actions. Though is it a very severe and wide-spread epidemic, it is not fatal, though attempts to get rid of the disease have known to be fatal at times.
one was in a state of Boredom
by hbhbhb1995 January 14, 2012
it turns women into total bitches
person 1)god adam becky is being a total bitch
person 2)ya she must be bored
by funky fresh fly girl December 23, 2003
If you need an example of how school is boredom, then you have never gone to school.
by Drearyrainbow3 August 10, 2014
when ur that...SLEEP!!! or get online!!!
i love sleeping!
by munkee November 12, 2003

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