Boredom is a disease that is wide spread and if handled incorrectly, can lead to death. If you suffer from boredom, please consult a friend for help.

Boredom originated before the days of christ. In Fact, there was a 13th disiple named boredom. His rightings were later taken out of the bible because of Jesus' extreme distrust for this man. While disiples such as Chuck Norris gave Jesus the gift of beard, Boredom gave Jesus the gift of... well, Boredom. As a side affect of Jesus' miricles, Boredom spread through the world. In greek mythology, Boredom came from Pandora's Box.

Boredom became popular in early 1900 America when ball-in-a-cup got old and the yoyo was invented. There are many ways to get rid of boredom temperarily but it will definitly return at some point. One way is to look up definitions on this site which is probably why you found this. Others include playing catch, drinking, smokeing, ding dong ditching homes, playing sports, and if worst comes to worst, watching the O'Rielly Facter.

In many Boredom related deaths, people were reduced to acts of aggression such as cutting themselves (see emo) and skate bording (other wise known as punk behavior). These victims of boredom probably were reduced to this level when there PS2 or Xbox 360 was sent in for repairs and all the O'Rielly Facters on Youtube were repeats.

Let me warn you again, if you experience even the slightest hint of boredom, go online and IM a friend for funny conversations in the past, pictures they have taken, or just a good story (possibly one that goes along with the picture).

John: I think I'm suffering from boredom, I think I'm going to go skate bord.

Stacy: NO, DUNT DO IT. How about you just come over to my house and we talk this case of boredom through.

John: Thank you Stacy, you may have just saved my life.
by ipwnn00bs24 August 24, 2006
Top Definition
If your only reading up on this because your bored, add a thumbs up!
by Tasha. A. (LoV3) July 10, 2008
A severe disease infecting millions of people all over the world is which they constantly exhibit certain behaviours like lack of movement, construction of various pointless structures, doodling, talking about pointless things, and making definitions on

There is no known cure, though the symptoms do seem to fade when victim is introduced to something time consuming or slightly entertaining, such as television or counting nails in a wall.

Though is it a very severe and wide-spread epidemic, it is not fatal, though attempts to get rid of the disease have known to be fatal at times.
I made a really long paper clip chain. Want to take pictures of it?
by Z October 03, 2004
What you are probably suffering from if you are reading this definition.

What I am currently suffering from.
A stint of boredom caused me to hit the random but at for two hours.

Boredom is boring (so is this definition.)

I'm not a funny person. Bleh.
by stop or my mom will shoot January 26, 2005
Why I come to this site.
Me: I'm bored as all hell...
Friend: Go check out urbandictionary
by amongtheomegas December 08, 2004
The most powerful of all human emotions, shadowing that even of hate (the 2nd). Pretty much anything that's any good whatsoever came from someone who just had nothing better to do at the time.

Also, boredom is one of the three reasons people do anything. boredom, stupidity, and because one can.
"Man, I'm bored. I think I'm learn to play Guitar." ~Jimi Hendrix
by NeoSizer July 30, 2005
sucks. the act of having nothing to do. except sleep
boredom kills.
by sleepisbetter June 12, 2003
A state of mind which results in posting excessive amounts of definitions on Urban Dictionary
Goddamn, I wallow in boredom. I know - let's post s'more on
by Katy June 30, 2004
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