saerching random word like iam doinh now on urban dictionary .com
guy1:dude i'm so bored i think i'm going to go l4m3 up a storm in some forum

guy2:rite ???? (sarcasim)
by xion May 09, 2005
London term for gettin stabbed
Oi that boy got bored up! - He got stabbed
by Grafta April 18, 2006
You have no life and no signifigant other. you are usually a loner that reads books and surfs the internet looking for cool words on this site.
She was bored when her boyfriend came over
by a;ldkfj;aodih March 27, 2008
the act of being horny, see horny for more information
At Brian's party after spin the bottle had failed, many of the girls were "bored".
by not here June 22, 2005
if your looking at this then get on AIM and IM "slobber22" and tell all your friends to do the same thing.
slobber22:i'm a dumbfuck
you:your mom's a dumbfuck
a codeword for having a fat boner so u can say to ur teacher or somebody, "I'm bored."
I got bored in history class
by longliverickjames October 19, 2004
the best website in the cosmos
hey, how good is bored!!!
by dawso April 21, 2005

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