what i am right now since i got nothin to do.
god damnit. i got nothing to do. i'm soooo bored
by pip March 02, 2005
code name for horny used by chatters
Messaged person: Wassup?
Horny person: Nadda VERY bored...you?
Messaged person: Bored here too! *wink*
Horny person: *nice* wanna fuck?
by Jamesknapper September 15, 2005
A state also known as boredom, where a person had absolutely nothing interesting happening at the current time. The disease of boredom spreads rapidly throughout humans. Some symptoms of boredom include sleeping, lying on the couch watching TV (even if there's nothing on worth watching), sitting next to a computer, or looking up random crap on urbandictionary.com. So, unless you were really expecting a REAL definition of the word bored, if you are reading this, you have been diagnosed with BOREDOM.
I'm so bored, I could poke Chuck Norris just to see his reaction.
by ILikeTrains123 June 22, 2012
What you are if you are looking up this. Get off this website and do something productive! Go outside! Do the homework that you intend on "forgetting" to do! Or, if it's past 2 o clock in the morning, go to sleep! Just do something goshdarnit!
Johnny was extremely bored, so he looked up bored on Urban Dictionary and found this definition, so he got off of the computer and did something productive. Just kidding, he continued looking up random words on this website, as you are probably going to do.
by Undeadguy77 October 14, 2011
A state of mind that causes you to feel the inner desire to sleep but not be able to. To scream, but your vocal chords won't open wide enough to allow the sound and you do random things such as stalk facebook users you barely or dont know and/or picking youre nose with chopsticks. If you are feeling one or many of those symptoms. You are one of two things:

1- Bored .
2- Have no life .
3- Both .
So today I wake up and look at my clock that read 7: 45. I thought, I dont feel like getting up right now, wait til' 8. 8 comes along and I'm still staring at the clock waiting for the seconds to pass while my mother is upstairs baking PANCAKES . (which I got cold because of my boredom)
by The GREAT potato :) September 23, 2009
You right now. You have nothing to do cause you're a loser so you search random words on Urban dictionary.com when you could be doing something productive like masturbating or doing the pelvic thrust.
I'm so bored yet I go on UD.com and wonder why
by hi... I'm Meta... i guess... December 15, 2014
Probably you, since you looked this up.
"Mom, can I watch some TV? I'm bored."
"I'm studying for my history test. I'm so bored!"
by Zapzing November 12, 2012
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