It is the name for puerta rican generations not born in Puerto Rico but raised by that dominant culture within their homes. The firt or second generation of Puerta Ricans born in NY...Still raised in a dominant culture at home taht is different from the main stream values of America.
Marisa is a bordequa because she is a Puerto Rican descent but born in the Bronx, NY. Here parents moved to America as teenagers and were born in Puerto Rico. She is bordegua but her parents are not.
Same thing with a Jamaican first generation, ex: Lorna is Jamerican b/c she is of Jamaican descent but born in America.
by Jamaican_honi January 02, 2006
Top Definition
A white girl who is trying to be mexican.
" Look at that girl over there"
" Yea she's a totaly Bordequa"
by Scruff Dawg November 23, 2005
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