borange is a state a person can become when they go on holiday and gets soo tanned the go, beyond orange. they also tend to look like an umpa-lumpa, as they too are borange.
Div "OMG, shes bloody orange"
la la "hahahaha, no way man she's beyond orange. she's fucking BORANGE"
by la la January 31, 2005
A brown coloured Orange.
From the word Orange which describes the fruit.
When an Orange is brown it can't be called a brown because that does not make any sense so it is called a Borange.
I would kill for an Orange but the fruit bowl is full of Boranges.

At half time the team had Boranges that were left over from the Grand Final.
by Rob the pool man January 10, 2005
A sexually transmitted disease. Browny, orange in colour and crusty in appearance.
Ivan's right nut was heavily encrusted with borange.

The doctor gasped as the extent of Ivan's borange was revealed.

Ivan exclaimed "That's the last time I teabag a nanna!"
by Mark M January 07, 2005
When things go a bit more than pear shaped.
like when your monkey goes 'mysteriously' missing..
by leah January 06, 2005
Bored and Vegging out at the Exact same moment.
Whoa.... Either I'm stoned or just plain borange. Right now I really can't tell the difference.
by Daisy's Demise March 24, 2005
To fabricate a story in a pathetic/desperate way in order get out of a sticky/embarrassing situation.
You have been caught out. Don't you try to borange your way out of this one!
by Harry January 13, 2005
A particularly bland breakfast cereal.
This cereal is borange. It has to much tasteless and dry bit in it.

A borange muselli
by Alan January 13, 2005
Borange - used to define that which is at the point of being less than up to par.
Colonel (with case of plum in mouth british twang) "I say, Whitford. Take a at gander at that female civilian's breasts. Oooo rather! They're a top notch pair!"
Whitford (with a cocknified & obviously inferior to his superior's drawl) "I don't fink so, Sir! You should take a look at my Missus ... her bristols are a right set! That woman's pair are borange!"
by Cathy-Canberra January 06, 2005
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