borange is a state a person can become when they go on holiday and gets soo tanned the go, beyond orange. they also tend to look like an umpa-lumpa, as they too are borange.
Div "OMG, shes bloody orange"
la la "hahahaha, no way man she's beyond orange. she's fucking BORANGE"
by la la January 31, 2005
1. Something sub-par, or questionable, in quality.

2. The part of a ship that the lower classes use to do their drunk dancing.
1. That movie, Titanic, is borange.

2. That borange scene in that borange movie was borange.
by Geoff January 07, 2005
Rhymes with orange! Only word that does! It really exists, too, I didn't just add it to prove a point.
The orange rhymes with the borange.
by Retin October 24, 2007
Borange does not in any way, or under any circumstances break the rule "there is nothing that rhymes with the word orange," as the rule only refers to words in an official dictionary (Oxford and/or Webster's).
Does "borange" come under the rule "there is nothing that rhymes with the word orange"? No
by Bob32 November 03, 2006
can mean allmost anything in the right context, such as mad or shit. invented by ross noble, who is borange. must be used with enthusiasm, strong word.
your gonna give me tickets to bdo? that is so barange!
by sally anstey January 04, 2005
To borrow something and never return it, intentionally or otherwise. Different from stealing in that the item will (initially, at least) have been given freely.
Yeah, I used to have that DVD, but someone boranged it.
by Trilby November 14, 2006
The warm fuzzy feeling you get when returning your 6ft cardboard cut out of Nanna Dorothy to the old peoples home after rescuing here from a Ballon ride and Ménage A Tois with fellow "Cut Outs"
"Where's me Ears" Chopper and "Shop Lifting is a crime" Copper. {No Garfields were harmed during the making of this definition and Nanna's still smiling}
"ohh Chopper get the cuffs off" said the copper, "and then you can't stop her"
by MadKelt January 05, 2005
The inside part of the bread, not the crust. Is found in every type of bread: loaf, slice, roll, etc.
waiter: May I take you order?
Alice: Erm, yes, I'd like the BLT on white loaf please. James?
James: Same thing she's having, but could you remove the crust? I only like the borange.

Most kids, when younger, peel the crust off of their wonderbread and only eat the borange.
by Andre!ta October 16, 2007
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