borange is a state a person can become when they go on holiday and gets soo tanned the go, beyond orange. they also tend to look like an umpa-lumpa, as they too are borange.
Div "OMG, shes bloody orange"
la la "hahahaha, no way man she's beyond orange. she's fucking BORANGE"
by la la January 31, 2005
The only word to rhyme with Porridge...
Or was that borridge.
by Fraggle January 04, 2005
A term used for thought, in relation to an ultimate decision that could change your life forever.
To borange?, or not to borange, that is the question.
by Sam January 04, 2005
the only word in the english language that rhymes with orange.

1. an expression of greatness
2. can be used to show disappointment or anger.
3. often used as an insult.
4. also used as a compliment.
1. wow, thats so borange!

2. 1st person: man, i hate science!
2nd person: yeah, i know what you mean, it's so borange!

3. shut up you stupid borange!

4. 1st person: hey, you like my new top?
2nd person: yeah! it's so borange!!
1st person: aww, thanks!
2nd person: you look well borange in it!
by Emily January 15, 2004
A word that can be used to mean anything.
The only word that rhymes with orange.
"dude that was such a borange"
"borange off!"
by Tomass January 15, 2004
The cold side of a pillow.
Every night before I go to sleep I always make sure to find the borange.
by Graeme June 14, 2004
What begins with B and rhymes with orange? - Borange.
Ask soph.
by Tchaikovski. October 17, 2003
To rape a hobo
The man was sued for borange
#hobo #rape #borange #retard #bad
by Cc rainbows January 03, 2015
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