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To take ecstasy. Originating and mostly used in St. Louis. Can also be used to describe someone on the drug, it is then called bopping.
Wuz good? You got them bops?

Yo wud up man we boppin tonight?

by Jon Mohon January 01, 2008
2 3
(verb) as in too bop
too express a great outburst of rage and anger, usually in a violent way through the medium of a kick, for no apparent reason, or for no greater cause.
" i was in the shop and then some bloke just bopped my for no reason?!"
by m fletcher August 28, 2007
2 3
Another term for this is pimp roll, noted in Tom Wolfe's book 'A Man in Full'. This is how self-conscious kids from the 'hood walk in Atlanta, according to him.
See Tom's book. Your bop becomes a pimp roll.
by Philarious May 26, 2007
3 4
Means "bend over please".
Not very commonly used by people on irc to tell eachother to bend over.
Most of the time just for fun.
<Sickness> hi2u
<maZtah> hi2u2
<Sickness> bop
* maZtah bends
* Sickness puts it in
* Sickness aahh
<maZtah> ffs!
* maZtah zips
<Sickness> thx
<maZtah> np, bop
* Sickness bends
by MF Sickness August 21, 2005
15 16
St. Louis area word for exstacy
Asker "How much them bops gon 4"

Replier "10 a pop cuz"
by Pit Locc December 07, 2009
0 2
Abbreviation for Business Over Pleasure as used in DMV's Lost Tribe song B.O.P. (business over pleasure). It is used as a play on words associating the abbreviation with the other definition for bop which is a blowjob.
Did you hear Lost Tribe's new song, B.O.P.

Is Lost Tribe's new song B.O.P. about the bop?
by Leon88 June 02, 2009
2 4
to bang up someone; possibly to fuck someone in a good way or bad way.
yo i gonna bop someone in da lip.

damn dat girl is hot, i might wanna bop dat piece of cushion.
by phucmanchu January 10, 2009
2 4