Slang for masturbation (esp. female).
Come on, Cyndi Lauper's She Bop! "She bop, he bop a-we bop..."

everybody bops.
by oopshebop August 27, 2005
Bind on pick up. Usually referring to items in World of Warcraft.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases are BOP.
by desPERRYado December 26, 2006
When girls fight, and the loser was bopped.
Ahh Hahh!!! That's why Alycia bopped you.
Im bout' to bop that girl ASAP for talking trash
by "T-Money" November 05, 2005
To have sex with someone. This term comes from the sound of two bodies hitting each other, i.e. BOP BOP BOP.
Want to bop? BOP BOP BOP!
by itgirlragdoll October 14, 2005
pubic hair
Boy, you need to trim those bops.
by XxXArIsTotLeXxX February 03, 2011
An acronym used to describe a:

1. Act of having sex.

2. A rating system delevoped by Sir. Yakko during a sleepover. In this system girls are not rated by hotness, but by date of entry. If a girl is classified as BOPS #1, then she will be #1 indefinetely.

The acronym BOPS in it's expanded form is:

Bend Over Pull (and) Screw

"Man I would love to BOPS her."


"Hey, I saw BOPS #2 at Wal Mart yesterday."
by Sir. Yakko April 22, 2007
1. To walk.
2. A walk; a gait.
1. I'm gonna bops over here now. / What are you bopsin' over there for?
2. What's he walking like that for? -- that's his bops, dude.
by antiphon November 07, 2003

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