a whore in southern slang.
That bop is fucking a lot of men.
by Breezy F. BayBe April 15, 2007
To go

When you "bop" somewhere you go there
Let's bop Nandos, homies
by Forces June 01, 2006
to cheat someone out of something or the do somebody wrong lookin' at my gurl are you tryin ta bop me.
2.that's only worth ten not twenty you boppin me
by Lady Spongebob May 19, 2005
B - butt
O - on
P - penis

a new way to say anal sex
Kevyn and John went to BOP each other.
by Steven Rimjob January 12, 2005
Meaning to exit, or leave.
"shorty im bout ta bop, holla at me lata."
by Monie November 22, 2004
Walk or wear
"AY man lets go bop", or, "Thats a tigth shirt ima bop this tommorow."
by Shawtie April 25, 2003
A crackhead ; a crack fiend
Dat bop just hit the cuz up for some work.
by Stephanie December 29, 2004

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