head penis 2 da throat
on your knees and give me bops
by BOPSSS June 29, 2009
to steal from a person or store
i bopped that fools ipod
by yeet April 13, 2008
A female who preforms oral sex on males habitually.

A barney is a male bop.
Cory Walker is a bop.
by Stephanie Marren December 01, 2005
A really fine hoe you find on the streets, parties, etc etc.
Hey man, whats up with the bops tonight?
by P-Body August 01, 2003
bop is another word for female masturbation.
She-bop (remember Cyndi Lauper's song?)
by done it before June 06, 2003
Word used for the 7th Call Of Duty console game. Black Ops
Black Ops - B Ops - BOps
by Monkeyslut November 15, 2010
to give head/dome/skull
i didnt know shorty gives bop
by InfamousMami December 07, 2004

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