It stands for a bad old pussy. It can mean a nasty vagina or it can be used to describe someone you do not like.
Dude, that girl I was with last night was such a bop.
by Lauren Sheee September 22, 2007
Dan Seals, 1986 chart-topper.
Pretty good song
I wanna to ride in your 55 T-bird
Drive thru some old memories
I ain't after your body baby
I just want you to dance with me
by Winnie The Shit November 28, 2003
To get high
"Hey you wants to bop!?"
by Cwazy boppa January 13, 2009
The act of smoking marijuana.
Wants to go and Bop?
Let's bop!
by k8e sp December 19, 2008
a hood runner, turf work. easy beezie. a promiscious female. refer to these type of broads as bops. or boppers if you prefer. be creative...
bop-tomitrist, bop-tology, she is bop-polar. she take a non stop flight to bop-ston, she play for the charlotte bop-cats, most bop-ular class of 2008...boperation gettalotta bop?
by sensai March 19, 2008
Klingon Bird Of Prey from Star Trek.
Star Trek Episode:

Crew member: "Captain, I'm getting something on the radar."

Captain: "On screen!" "Oh no... It's a BOP!!!"
by Da_King August 29, 2006
head penis 2 da throat
on your knees and give me bops
by BOPSSS June 29, 2009

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